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I went to my local neighborhood Walmart a few weeks ago doing some grocery shopping. I had a shopping cart full of grocery so there was no way I was going to the self-checkout. Anyway, that beside the point; as the cashier was ringing up my items we started a full-blown conversation about vegetables. She asked me if I was having a parting or something and what will I be making. I said, no this is just grocery for my family and me. As she scanned the produce she began telling me what vegetables she doesn’t eat. Turns out she didn’t eat any vegetables at all. I said, and then what do you eat? She said, cheeseburgers and chocolate milk. She stated that she doesn’t like the texture of vegetables and when she does buy vegetables they go to waste because she doesn’t know what to do with them.

So, without further undo, I will be giving you cheeseburgers easy ways to eat your vegetables.

  1. Soups - homemade – super simple, quick and easy


2. Salads - dark leafy greens and 2-4 other veggies with protein & healthy fats


3. Smoothies - add veggies to your smoothie – super quick and easy


4. Sides - with lunch and dinner (steamed, sautéed, roasted, raw)


5. Snacks - veggies and hummus for example


6. Sandwiches - add some greens and other veggies to make your sandwiches more nutrient-dense; choose lettuce wraps for grain-free/gluten-free option.


For me, I usually go with smoothies or as sides. But see what you like. Taste and texture is the name of the game. Don’t think boring and bland; there are so many ways to add great flavors.

Diets that are rich in vegetables and fruits are protective against many cancers. There is an enormous amount of work on this,” says Lee Wattenberg, a professor at the University of Minnesota who has been studying cancer prevention for 30 years. “Over the last decade, a fairly large number of prevention compounds have been found in fruits and vegetables. When you look at the totality, it’s quite impressive.”

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